KISTRA Remote Star Projector Night Light for Kids Room (6-Films), Infant Sleep Sound Machine 360° Rotating LED Starry Sky Nightlight, Music Player (18 Songs), Timer, Table Lamp, Best Gifts


● ?️【6 Sets Films Dynamic Projections】a Variety of Colors and Brightness Combined With Dynamic Night Light Projection, to Show Your Baby and You a Dreamlike Music Children World.
● ?【PLAY MUSIC- 18 Songs】This projector night light implanted 18 songs, you can choose different music for these different 6 films by remote control, you absolutely are not need to worry about your baby crying when the movie and music combined, because your baby has been attracted by the fantastic music and movies.
● ⏲️【TIMER & Remote Control】1Hrs / 2Hrs is a right time choice to ensure deep sleep recommended by pediatricians, Set sleep timer to turn off and on automatically based on your baby’s internal clock at night and morning. No need to disrupt a sleeping baby, which save your time, effort and worry.
● ?【BEST GIFT for BABY】-100% safe night light for your baby room to play and learn at night, Rest combines Night light, Bedside lamp, Play music (18 songs), 360° Rotate, Projector, Brightness, Color and Volume adjust, Timer etc. In one easy-to-use system that you can control all from the Remote control! Perfect for busy MOM and DAD.
● ?【REST AND GROW WITH YOUR CHILD】designing soft warm light for newborn feeding sessions at midnight; Safe eye protection night light for a preschooler; White LED light can use to learn and do homework for your older child in the quiet evening,Let your baby have a pair of bright eyes from childhood.
● ?【FREE GIFT & RICH FILMS FOR KIDS ( Multi-functional rotatable base)】1, ①You can adjust the projection for a good angle you want; ②You can also hang on a hanger or bedside; ③And you can still also hang upside down; 2, RICH FILMS for BABY: ①Zodiac ②Nebula ③Dinosaur ④Mermaid ⑤Birthday ⑥Unicorn. Funny planet constellation etc. films and wonderful music can let your baby quiet in their own world, got a resonate, Inspire children’s thinking consciousness from childhood.
● ?【ONE YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEED & 100% REFUND】our projector night light will bring more wonderful experience to your baby and satisfactory shopping experience to Dad and Mom. if you are not completely satisfied with YOUR REASON, we will unconditionally replace the products and 100% refund you within 24 Hours! To contact us to Your Orders, find your order in the list, and click Contact Seller.

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